Soham Babajee Missions

The Soham Babajee Missions is a global family dedicated to promoting Peace on Earth.

The Mission believes that every living spirit is a member of a single planetary community with an equal right to share the Land, Water, Air and all naturally occurring phenomena on this planet.

The Mission believes that every living spirit has the right to have and to share a positive dream, about their future and the right to work towards the fulfilment of that dream, together.

The Mission is committed to awaken the awareness within all of us, and to help every human to realize our hidden potential, the “Divinity” within.

The Mission takes upon itself the noble tasks of making people aware that this World and all its beauty has been given us in Trust, and of cultivating a humane attitude of genuine responsibility towards all forms of life.

The Mission involves itself in a great variety of work with spiritual activities predominating. Regular meditation – the understanding of oneself and hence the complex fabric of humankind, and ultimately leading to the realization of the ‘Self’ and the ‘Soul’ – is an important part of the Soham Babajee Missions.

Apart from lectures, meditations, seminars and spiritual exercises there is a wide range of social, charitable, educational and creative work done at and from the Mission to enable its friends and followers to explore their own Divine potential and to appreciate living in its totality.

Thus, the Soham Babajee Missions is not merely a spiritual organization. It is a comprehensive experience geared towards the awakening of the inner consciousness. It is a way of life.